ADCAR Consulting is a Sydney based firm servicing clients nation-wide in a range of building services, including hydraulic and fire engineering solutions.

We take pride in our technical expertise and our commitment to excellence in all our designs. We are innovative in the delivery of our services, looking for the best solution for the client and the development. Our specialist team of highly qualified and experienced engineers are eager to provide creative and innovative solutions to customers Australia-wide. We work in close co-operation with all parties on each of our projects with directors managing all projects to deliver results on time and within budget.

We understand that a company’s activity has direct impact on the community and environment and as a company we strive to achieve constant improvement through the delivery of environmentally-friendly designs.

Recognising that our business’ success and financial sustainability is directly linked to our clients’ success, we pride ourselves on creating the best engineering solutions. Our aim is to become the consultant of choice. This means staying focused and committed to project outcomes and being one step ahead at all times, responding to client needs and providing high quality designs and documentation.


  • Certification
  • Due Diligence
  • Investigation
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Supervision
  • Design, Documentation

Every design which is developed for a client’s specific and unique needs is signed off by a qualified engineer, guaranteeing the viability of the proposal in accordance with authority requirements.

To streamline the approval process of developed systems for any construction project, ADCAR Consulting will be happy to liaise with authorities on our client’s behalf, providing answers to technical questions that are not clearly understandable through our detailed drawings, technical specifications and other accompanying documentation.

ADCAR Consulting will conduct a comprehensive investigation of existing installations, producing an extensive report into the condition and functioning of existing installations to determine whether they have been constructed and installed correctly in the first instance, are operational, meet Australian Standards, are safe, and comply with all legislation. This provides the builder or developer with a comprehensive and up-to-date document from an engineering stand point.

ADCAR Consulting offers a full analysis and evaluation of any proposed project to determine if it is feasible from a technical viewpoint, cost-wise and from a profitability standpoint. We also outline potential issues and provide recommendations.

As a consulting firm we provide construction supervision at set intervals to ensure that the construction process is proceeding as depicted in our design, technical specifications and documentation, and to answer site-specific questions.

During the design phase we visualise and develop innovative and creative engineering solutions after conducting thorough research and investigation. A full set of documentation outlining all proposed design, installation and product usage elements in accordance with Australian Standards and Australian Building Codes is provided to ensure that what is implemented is of the highest standards, meeting and exceeding industry standards and the client’s expectations.